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This is Manish Hatwalne, the person behind this TechnoFunDo site.
I am a software developer by profession and my expertise mainly include Java and C/C++. Web design, reading and writing are some of my other interests. I have to my credit few articles on the web and print media. I am an Indian and currently based in Pune, India. That is the reason why you find some of the information here relevant to Indians only.

           I believe knowledge is free and essentially is for sharing. I simply adore relentless hard work and unquenchable quest for exploring the unknown. I have always been inspired by sincere, sensitive people who dare to think differently, who dare to follow their dreams.

        This site is dedicated to all such people who dare to dream, those who dare to think differently, to all those who do not follow the beaten track, to all those who dare to DO different things. The site is an attempt to affirm and encourage the belief ~ follow your instincts...

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The site has won few awards since its launch in June 2001. So I prefer to believe that this site is one of the better sites of the world wide web ;). Visit awards page to know more about the awards, and do let me know your feedback by signing the guestbook.
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YES, you can copy and/or modify any of the code that you like from here. However, I insist that I should be rightfully associated with (only) my very own creations. By this I mean that you can copy/modify any of the code that you find here without any obligation (It would be nice if you could provide link back to this site though. ;-)), but if you use or reproduce in any way any of the articles or downloads for reference or any other reason, I would want you to credit it to me. And before you do that (Read Technology Home). I hope you do care.
              I have really enjoyed creating this site and writing contents for the site; in both technical and fun/leisure section (for that matter, enjoyed everything else including creating most of the graphics). Some of the images, wallpapers and similar things are compiled from various sources with an intention of sharing something interesting and useful with others. Essentially, all these contents are meant for sharing, that's the reason they are here; and they could only get better with your feedback, if you share. I hope you also understand and encourage this spirit of "sharing & caring"  through your activities.

Although most of the code given here is written and/or used by me, I or for that matter the site should not be held responsible for any damage, loss that is incurred due to the usage of the code, downloads or any other information on this site. The site, and hence I accept no liability about the accuracy and/or correctness of the information presented here.
Some of the contents here (including dynamic daily contents) have been provided by content delivering sites, and I do not have control over the contents and advertisements delivered by those sites.
December 2005 - Domain procured again :-)
Finally!!! After 3 long years, I have finally managed to get back my domain registered on my name and site will be hosted on this ADs-free server now. I hope to update site here regularly.

A side note -- as I transferred this site on new host, I realized that lot of contents here are outdated, and a bit puerile as well. Nevertheless, I will be keeping most of it here for those who are finding their way, and walking their first steps, just as I used to walk a few years ago...
So, don't assess my today's knowledge & expertise based on the contents of this site. :))

October 2002 - Domain lost :-(
Well, since I was preoccupied I could not renew my domain and (unscrupulously) someone has acquired it. I won't be able to have this domain in the near future, but I'll be updating the site regularly here at geocities.

16 Nov 2001 - Site gets a face lift
History is something that I have added recently (Nov 2001). This site was launched on 7 th June 2001; before that it was a tiny site with very few pages on geocities for few months. There have many updates since the launch, however this is its very first face lift as far as look and feel are concerned. Until recently the site used frames for easy navigation, but ultimately I decided to get rid of frames, instead every pages has a header consisting logo and the menu, giving it same effect but making it much easier for search engines to index and list, and also easier to bookmark.

7 June 2001 - Site launched.