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                                      This section of the site is called Fun & Leisure Home. Here you'll find all fun related stuff like humor, literature, images, wallpapers, poetry,  music and many other things. This is intended to be a place where everyone would find something interesting. This section is further divided into various sub-sections as shown above. Essentially you will find here information about various events, books ( both on prose and poetry), some of the inspirational thoughts and wonderful images to list a few. Over the period of time, this section will also become a large one with more and more information getting added to it under various headings. Needless to reiterate, this section would also get updated regularly with more innovative and useful stuff. However unlike technology section, where updating would most probably mean addition or modification of the contents, here updating would also mean deletion of some of the contents. Especially if the contents include large sized graphics images, as space on the server is limited. This would essentially apply to wallpapers. So, I would suggest that if you like any one of the images download it immediately, they might not be there the next time when you visit the page.

             The contents of this section would not be be limited to a few topics only, they could cover anything and everything under the sun. The material could range from news to poetry, from Ghazals to Rock and from mushy to absolute bizarre. (Though no film star wallpapers/gallery and of course no offensive material.) As mentioned on the home page, this is the place where one could expect the unexpected. Some of the material though, is intentionally meant for Indians only and hence will be relevant to Indians. (Kya kare, aakhir dil hain hindustani!). But, I promise that majority of the contents here will have universal appeal, everyone could enjoy it.

      As a recommendation, I would ask you to read the poem "s l o w d a n c e" it's a beautiful, beautiful poem. Even if you don't like poems much, read this one. This is too good! I just got it by mail from a friend, and loved it ever since. I wish I could write something as wonderful as this. I don't know who the poet is, but would love to know it; if you happen to know anything about this, . I could not resist the temptation of using background and some fancy DHTML effects while making this page. Have a look at it. Also if are a ghazal lover, and happen to be a fan of Ghulam Ali, you would love my micro-site dedicated to Ghulam Ali. Though it's not an audio site, it full of information on Ghulam Ali, and contains a database of more than 200 ghazals sung by him. For more interesting stuff keep visiting and exploring...

At the end, if you love to have fun, here is a big list of links to various fun, leisure sites. Happy surfing.....

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Enjoy ~ Books

The list of books here could be really long, there are so many books you could read and enjoy. The list here will mostly consist of non-fiction books only. Given below is the list of some books with a brief information about them.

Well, then in non-fiction category there are other well known best-sellers like Shiv Khera's book, Deepak Chopra's books, Norman Vincent Peale's books on Positive Thinking and so on. These books don't feature here in the list  as everybody already knows about them. However, the list will grow and it might include some of these books later.