Books written by Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is a very well known personality in the USA. He is famous for his awesome talent with the telivision, and his amazing sense of humor.

Bill Cosby happens to be one of my all time favorite authors. You can read his books anytime, without actually taking time out to read something "heavy". While reading his books, you'll definitely have a smile on your face, no matter what your mood was before you started reading his book. Moreover, these books will give you a better perspective and understanding of life in general. Superficially, you can classify his books as Humor, but once you read them, you know they are not only humor. His books are reflections of his personal experiences, they are filled with empathy. They give you a perspective of a person who is sensitive, who can look at the lighter side of the life through a phase of adversity. They'll enrich you as person. Grab one, and read it, I am sure you'll enjoy it.

Fatherhood Fatherhood - Talks about his experiences about being a father, about being a parent. In his own unique style, all humor, diligently narrating all events and his feelings. Makes you think, ponder about all that he says, it gives you a new insight. Love And Marriage Love And Marriage - Another classic and my all time favorite book. Talks about his dating, silly details of his first dates, dating with a girl who became his wife later. And how life and romance changes after marriage. ;) Makes you realize that it's not all as rosy as it might seem; all this while you are smiling at the humor the book presents.
Time Flies Time Flies - Beautiful book. In Bill Cosby's unique, inimitable style. A must read for everyone, all humor and a with great outlook. One of the books that I can read any number of times. There are few more books by Bill Cosby, but these remain my favorites, so I can recommend these. Also, a few are out of print these days and are not easily available. Get one of these books and read it, I am sure you'll love it too.