This is the poem 'S l o w d a n c e', a lovely, lovely poem. When you click on "Read the poem" link, a pop-up window will open up which will scroll the poem for you. Do not close the pop-up window, that's the poem I would want you to read. I have  taken some liberty here to play around with JavaScript and DHTML. Also, I have used a dark background image for this poem, the overall effect I believe is quite beautiful. However to enjoy it to its fullest, you will need Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.  Netscape simply doesn't support 'fixed' property for the background image. Still it does give good effect in Netscape as well.

Like I mentioned on the fun page, I do not know who wrote this poem, but I would love to know it. One mail said that it is a poem written by a 13 year old suffering from cancer, but I don't know who is it. Nevertheless, the poem has been very popular over the net, I have received it so many time by mail from different friends. If you happen to know anything more about this, do .

I hope you love this poem as much as I do. Read the poem.