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               This is the Technology section of the site, called Technology Home. You'll be able to browse thorough all the technology related articles, code snippets, tips from here. This certainly will the largest part of the site, also this will get updated more frequently, for it's a topic close to my heart. The technology section is further classified in to sub-sections shown above. Basically, you'll find C, C++, Java, web and general technical stuff here. All the articles in this section are written by me, unless specified otherwise. The code tips, code snippets are written from my own experiments & experiences, but many of them are also compiled from friends, seniors (read geeks), magazines, books, newsgroups etc. The code/code-snippets given here are just not copy-paste, they are written and used by me some time or the other to find a solution for a particular problem/requirement. (That doesn't necessarily mean that they're bug free or error free ;-)). Like all the programmers, I also study, refer to others' code from time to time, to kaizen my code and my way of coding. I would really love if you could send me more tips/code, or a better way doing some of the things that I've done here. I hope that you also find something to enrich your knowledge here. It's all a learning process that one can enjoy for his lifetime.

As a limitation, some of the code here is specific to MS Windows platform only, that is because I haven't had much exposure to Linux and other platforms. Nevertheless, I think majority of the code shouldn't pose a problem on any platform, and in case of general coding tips, web related articles; the platform doesn't really make much of  a difference (i.e. in theory at least ;-)).

IPR stuff  - Yes, you can copy and/or modify any of the code that you like from here. However, I insist that I should be rightfully associated with (only) my very own creations. By this I mean that you can copy/modify any of the code that you find here without any obligation, but if you use or reproduce in any way any of the articles (like Shell Notify Icon, for an example.) or downloads for reference or any other reason, I would want you to credit it to me. And before you do that. In other words, say that it's an article from TechnoFunDo site written by Manish Hatwalne, and not by some XYZ. After all, my baby should be my baby; right?

Do visit this page frequently, as it would get updated very regularly. If  there's is no new article, check it out for the list of resources. Resources specific to the topic are sometimes included in the relevant articles also. As technology is such a gigantic ocean, there would always be a growing number of  lighthouses (resources) here. I Hope you enjoy your technology voyage, Welcome aboard!  Happy coding and debugging ;-))


IMHO FireFox is probably the best browser one can get today. With its MDI interface (tabbed browsing), pop-up blocking and all such features, it's just an "absolutely must" for any serious web surfer. I haven't been using IE much eversince I have discovered FireFox. Google toolbar makes it even better!
DevDex.com The DevDex site is one of the best sites for developers, it contains information about various technologies and languages such as C#, ASP, JScript, XML, SQL and much more. The site has a large index of articles, code tips by several experts and has an archive of various news groups and forums related to these technologies. You can also participate in the usenet groups using this site, just as you would do with your news reader client like outlook express. The best part is unlike your news reader client, the site can be accessed from anywhere. Definitely a must for developers dealing with these technologies.