Welcome to the downloads page of TechnoFunDo. You will be able to download various source-codes, utilities, applications from here. Please read copyright and disclaimer from about page before you download anything from here. Here are few common facts which apply to all the downloads available here.

IE Skin Manager

Platform - Win 32
Requirements - Internet Explorer 5+
Status - FREE.
Download It (64 KB)
Internet Explorer Skin Manager is a tool for windows platform that will allow you to select your favorite bitmap as a wallpaper for the Internet Explorer toolbar. Using this simple tool you add and remove various skins to the Internet Explorer. Two bitmaps have been supplied with the download, but you can always use any bitmap of your choice. You can click here to view image of Internet Explorer with custom skin.
Source Browser

Platform - Any Java supporting platform.
Requirements - JDK.
Source Code - Included.
Status - FREE.
Download It (9 KB)
Source Browser is a Java application for reading headers and source of a web document. Uses java.net package for reading from a URL. Can be used as a standalone application using the given compiled code. Some of its features are -
  • Can be used to view text source of .css (Cascading Style Sheet), .js (JavaScript file) files along with usual html web documents.
  • Web server IP, all the headers sent by the web server are also shown along with the document source.

I will be adding more to this downloads page as and when I'll have something useful and interesting to put up. Let me know what would you like to see here, and I'll try to put it. Do send your suggestion and feedback about these downloads.