This is a list of development tools that you can use for various diverse software development, testing requirements. All the tools are either freewares or sharewares. There could have been some changes in those tools and the features they offer over a period of time. Moreover, there is a possibility that the relevant site may not offer that tool as freeware or shareware anymore. Do follow the link to the site and find out the latest information the tool and its licensing terms.
Some of these tools are downloadable, offline tools which you can download on your local machine and use, while some are online tools available only on the site, you need to log on to the site to use the tool. Nevertheless, they all are very useful tools.
I have used most of these tools and have liked them for more than one reason. (one reason is obviously that they didn't ask me for money ;) Do use them if you like, and let me know if you know more such useful tools.

Downloadable Tools
Online Tools