XML in a Nutshell XML in a Nutshell - Very good book on XML and related technologies by by Elliotte Rusty Harold, who has written many books on XML. This is certainly one of the best books on XML. Processing XML with Java Processing XML with Java - Another excellent book on XML by Elliotte Rusty Harold. Very good explanation and examples about how to process XML with Java. He makes it so simple!!!
Professional XML Professional XML - This one is by Wrox publication written by 12 authors. This book covers XML and related technologies such as schemas, DTDs, XSLT and WAP, WML in details.  

XML Pune

I am a list owner and moderator of this mailing list called XML Pune. This list is primarily intended for software professional from Pune, India to discuss XML and related technologies such as XSLT, DTD, SAX, DOM, JDOM, JAXP etc. You can enter your email address below to send a request to join this list. However, the membership requires approval of the moderators.
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