SCJP Revision Notes

The notes/tips given here are primarily intended for SCJP 1.2 exam (310-025), for contents and resources specific to SCJP 1.4 exam (310-035); please visit SCJP 1.4 Resources page. Although, most of the tips given here should be useful for both the exams.

This is a compilation of notes on various topics required for Java Programmer Certification exam (commonly referred as SCJP exam). The notes are intended for revision purpose, they are presented as tips that would help you recall the key-concept of the particular section. You should already know these concepts properly.

These tips/notes also include how you can avoid potential errors/common mistakes by simply understanding and remembering few simple points/tips. If you read these tips everyday in the last few days before taking the mocks as well as the real exam, I believe your score should improve by 5-10%. I have arranged them in the following sections, not necessarily according to the exam objectives though. I hope you find these note useful, and score good marks in your SCJP exam. Do let me know your feedback about this effort.


  1. Language Fundamentals
  2. Operators
  3. Flow Control And Exceptions
  4. Casting and Conversion
  5. Overriding and Overloading
  6. Threads
  7. Inner Classes
  8. java.util Package
  9. java.lang Package
  10. Package
  11. AWT - Layout
  12. AWT - Events and Event Listeners
  13. AWT - Components
  14. Non-Technical Tips

Language Fundamentals
Flow Control And Exceptions
Casting and Conversion
Overriding and Overloading
Inner Classes
java.util Package
java.lang Package Package
AWT - Layout
AWT - Events and Event Listeners
AWT - Components
Non-Technical Tips

Author : Manish Hatwalne