I bought this domain way back in 2001, just to share some of my technical experiments, tips, and fun/leisure activities. Those were the early days of my career as a developer, so technical tips/articles are mostly for the beginners.

I had lost this domain in 2002, and managed to procure it back in 2005. I have kept it online ever since. However, I haven't been updating it since 2008. Most of the contents here were dated, and not relevant anymore.

Given all that, I am keeping only two articles here - with original paths, and the same design. I'm too lazy to change it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Equals & hashcode in Java - This one gets maximum hits even after nearly 2 decades. It was/is referred by JBoss/Hibernate, API at University of Illinois, Oracle, StackOverflow, and likes.

  • Mantalai Memoirs - Old article about my Himalayuan trek to Mantali lake back in 2004. This one actually has iframe (yikes) in it! (≧︿≦)

Equals & Hashcode in Java

Mantalai Memoirs


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